Welcome to Twelve Oaks Farm

Welcome to Twelve Oaks Farm Welcome to Twelve Oaks Farm Welcome to Twelve Oaks Farm

About Us


Located in historic Monticello Florida we specialize in Equine Facilitated Learning and Life Coaching. Our horses live naturally here among the oaks surrounded by the private setting of the crepe myrtle nursery. 

Coaching differs from traditional psychology which tends to focus on problems. Coaching is based on the belief that you are whole, complete, resourceful and creative where you are . 


Our programs are designed to connect humans with horses to enhance confidence while building trust, social skills, leadership and developing boundaries. 


Tami Lester is certified in EFL, Strategic Intervention Life Coaching and works with Positive & Human Needs Psychology. Additionally, Tami's continued education includes certificates from Yale University  and the University of Pennsylvania. 

She will assist you from where you are, mindful of your deepest values, beliefs and guiding principles . 

Contact Us

 Call today for a complimentary coaching session so that you may continue to thrive, flourish and prosper.     

Email: LL10@aol.com